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Our complete offering for your health, every single day

We believe it is vital that Farmacia de Gressi provides a complete offering, covering all fields of medicine and healthcare. From conventional allopathic medicine to phytotherapy, veterinary care and non-conventional medicine. There is particular focus on children, with a discerning selection, for children’s health, nutrition and play.


Over-the-counter and prescription medicines in stock or available for collection in a few hours in store or from our locker.

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Icona cosmesi Farmacia de Gressi Desenzano del Garda

Our offering of top dermocosmetic brands for face, body and hair care, complete with a selection of artistic perfumes.

For Children

Our selection for children, from food to play, accompanying little ones every step along their growth and development.

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Health - medical devices

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Tools and products for home therapy and professional electromedical equipment, also available for short and medium term hire.


Grounded in the notion that like cures like, homoeopathic remedies treat everyday discomfort and ailments and stimulate our body’s capacity for self-healing.

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Icona Prodotti Fitoterapia Farmacia de Gressi Desenzano del Garda

The ancient art of herbal medicine combined with modern science has given rise to effective and entirely natural products, which are excellent in preventing and alleviating all kinds of ailments.

Galenical Laboratory

Our magisterial galenical preparations made according to medical prescriptions at our internal laboratory and ready for collection in just a few hours.

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